Halloween is almost here. Is your dog ready?

Best Halloween Dog Costumes of 2020

There is no question that Halloween will look different this year. While we probably won't be able to go trick-or-treating, that doesn't mean that our dog's can't get dressed up!

We have searched all corners of the internet to find you the 10 spookiest (and cutest) dog costumes available.

Disclaimer: If you choose to click on a product and purchase it, we may earn money (at no cost to you). We are not sponsored to promote these products, and we review each one individually for quality. For more information, please click here.

1. Stuffed Animal $9.29 with Free Shipping

If your dog isn't a fan of getting dressed up, this cute tag makes them look like a giant stuffed animal. 

The great part about this costume is that it will work for most dogs. As if you needed more reasons to admire your fur baby.

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2.  Cowboy Rider $15.99 with Free Shipping

How cute is this? You couldn't ask for a funnier costume!

It comes in four different sizes and can be adjusted to fit your dog correctly. The material is super breathable material so your dog won't overheat. 

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3. The Lion $12.93 with Free Shipping

This lion mane is made using faux fur and polyester. It is really durable which means you can use it for more than one year.

This costume will fit most medium to large size dogs.  

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4. The Plague Dogctor - $10.98 with Free Shipping

Needless to say, this costume is perfect for Halloween 2020. 

It comes in three different sizes and is made using a lightweight material that is breathable. It might not be perfect for all dogs, but it will definitely get some laughs if it does work.

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5. The Adidog Sweatshirt - $29.79 with Free Shipping

Maybe you're not a huge fan of Nike. Maybe you're a big fan of Adidas. Either way, your pet will look sporty, yet casual in this sweatshirt.

It comes in 10 different colors so you can find the perfect match for your pooch!

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6. The Crocodile Suit - $15.99 with Free Shipping

If your dog likes to lay on their back, this costume is a must have. To see what I mean, click the link and see what it happens when they lay on their back. Warning, you might die from cuteness overload.

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7. The UPS Dog - $24.75 with Free Shipping

Are you sick of your dog chasing the mail man? Oh how the tables have turned.

This super cute costume is made using polyester and the hat includes a chin strap so it doesn't fall off right away. 

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8. A Bat That Barks - $13.99 with Free Shipping

This is another costume that is great if your dog isn't a fan of being dressed up (we don't know why they wouldn't be).

It has a user friendly design that includes only two belts, making it easy to put on.  

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9. The Hairy Wizard - $16.99 with Free Shipping

 Whether or not your fan of the movie, this costume is sure to get a lot of laughs.

It comes in four sizes and is machine washable so you don't you can keep it in good condition for Halloween 2021!

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10. Goofy Dog - $19.97 with Free Shipping

Disney fan or not, your dog will look goofy (in a cute way) while wearing this costume.

If you aren't a Goofy fan, you can also choose between Donald Duck, Mickey, and Daisy. This costume is a dream come true.

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We hope that you have enjoyed this article and that you have a very hairy Halloween! Stay safe.

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