12 Days of Christmas: Dog Edition 2019

Christmas is fast approaching! So in honor of all the dogs that make this season so much better, we've created a list of twelve present ideas for them.

1. A Christmas Stocking For Your Dog

This cute Christmas stocking comes loaded with four toys that will keep your dog busy well into 2020! Included are two fun squeaky toys and two durable ropes for tug of war.

5 Star Customer Review:

This item is great for the price. We have 2 6lb yokies that love the small shoe and rope that come in this gift. I would not recommend purchasing this for a dog over 20 to 25lbs as i imagine they would destroy the toys in a matter of minutes, but great for smaller dogs. -AEvans

$10.90 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

2. This... Interesting Christmas Costume 

Yes, Halloween is over! But that doesn't mean your dog can't sport this lovely Christmas themed costume. It is easy to clean and comes in four different sizes.    

5 Star Customer Review:

I’m pretty sure my dog hates me by now from the costumes I make him wear, but this is so cute! It has Velcro to keep it on your pup and prevents Santa from sliding off. It also came with a dust bag to store it - Julianne

$23.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

3. Cute Dog Collar Bow Tie

Adjustable, three sizes, and durable. Ditch the boring collar in favor of this super cute bow tie. It's easy to use and comfortable for your dog. 

5 Star Customer Review:

Size description was accurate and my little man looked super handsome on Christmas Day - Nicholas

$11.88 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

4. Festive Gingerbread & Reindeer Tug Toys

It's really annoying & dangerous to buy dog toys that rip up into small pieces. These toys are tough and excellent for tug of war with your pooch.   

5 Star Customer Review:

Heck yeah these are great! I was a little skeptical buying rope online because of durability. But these really stand up to my bull terrier. Who is a absolute rope nut! 10 out of 10 would recommend. - Aujonae 

Small $11.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

5. X-mas Themed Dog Bandannas 

These bandannas come in a cute plaid and snowflake design. Unlike cheaper bandannas, these are crafted from a double layer of cotton. 

5 Star Customer Review:

The quality of this bandana is very good and I love the design.. it's holiday appropriate without being too "foo foo". Annie is 14lbs and it fits her perfectly. I like these so much I ordered 2 more with a slightly different Christmas design. - H.H.

$9.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

6. Heated Dog Bed For Cold Winter Days

If you live in a part of the country where winters get cold or have a senior dog, this pet bed is excellent! It has built in safety features such as auto shutoff and 7 layers of protection. Backed by a one year guarantee. 

5 Star Customer Review:

It didn't take long before the first cat discovered the new pad which I cushioned with a sherpa fleece. The highest heat setting warms it up nicely all the way through. Size is perfect to fit my smaller and larger cats. The only feature I wish it had is a permanent on setting. Forgot to switch it back on a few times after it automatically turned off after 12 hrs. - Andrea  

$27.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

7. The Classic Reindeer Antlers

Is it even a Christmas party if there isn't a dog with reindeer antlers? We don't think so. Get your dog ready for any get together with this quality two-piece costume.

5 Star Customer Review:

Sturdy reindeer head piece with great quality drawstring. Nice that there is such a great costume for larger dogs. Jingle collar has elastic to fit to size. I am very impressed with how nice this set is. - Sandy

$13.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

8. And We Can't Forget About The Santa Hat

If you aren't a fan of the reindeer antlers, this is the next best thing. This adorable Santa hat is easy to fit around your dogs head and is made to last through many years of Christmas parties. We didn't know it was possible to make your pet cuter. 

5 Star Customer Review:

My dog looks super cute in this as the band around the head keeps it in place! 100% recommend. - SM

$9.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

9. A Warm, Waterproof, and Windproof Dog Coat

If you spend a lot of times outdoor with your pooch, this coat is a must have item. Winter can get brutal and giving this extra layer of protection to your dog is essential. Multiple sizes so you get the best fit.

5 Star Customer Review:

I ordered their largest size which fits perfectly around the 39 inch chest of our 100 pound female Doberman. Be aware if you are ordering for a male dog the red coat looks a little on the pink side. - JonM

$17.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

10. Don't Forget To Make Cookies For Your Dog, Too!

Your dog spends all of Thanksgiving smelling the delicious aromas only to have it happen again during Christmas a month later. Making your own dog treats is a fun process & you know exactly what you're feeding them. It includes a recipe book! 

5 Star Customer Review:

I made tiny little cakes for my dogs in 6-7 minutes. It also came with a book of recipes which was nice. I would recommend​ especially for little dogs. They are very tiny. Also, I used a medicine syringe to squirt the cake mixture into the molds. Works great! One full syringe filled up the mold!

$11.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

11. Fleece Dog Blanket

This blanket is the perfect way to keep your dog warm on car rides or in the kennel. It features cute cartoon images of dogs and it's machine washable.  

5 Star Customer Review:

What can I say? this blanket is incredibly soft and just the right size for our 17lb Bichon/Poodle. He absolutely loves them! - D. Porrey

$10.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

12. Last, but not least, Christmas Themed Dog Socks

In addition to protection your pet's paws, they help prevent slipping. The best part, they come in this super cute x-mas themed design! 

5 Star Customer Review:

Worked great on my 15 year old dog. He couldn't stand without his back feet sliding but not anymore. This really made a difference! - Cheendog

$11.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

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