5 Steps To Teach Your Dog How To Put Their Toys Away

5 Steps To Teach Your Dog How To Put Their Toys Away

Apr 15, '20

Teach Your Dog How To Put Their Toys Away In Five Simple Steps

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Difficulty: Hard

Items Needed: Clicker, treats, toys, and a basket.

It's hard enough to get your kids to put their toys away. So once you've taught them how to clean up their mess, the question becomes, can you teach your dog the same thing?

This trick isn't easy to learn. But with some patience and practice, you can have your dog cleaning up their mess like a pro.

So without further delay, let's learn a new trick!

Step One: Developing the Drop Command

First, find a toy that your dog loves and give it to him. Hold a treat in front of their nose (while the toy is in their mouth) and say "drop" when he goes to eat the treat. Repeat this process several times until your dog will drop the toy without food in front of them.

teach dog to pick up toys

Step Two: Add The Basket

Next, you'll want to find a basket that will store your dog's toys. When searching for the right basket, remember it can't be taller than your dog.

Step Three: Combine The Basket and Drop Command

After you find the perfect basket, stand right next to it and call your dog over. Hand him the toy and say "drop it" right away, so the toy falls in the basket. Make sure to be patient even if he misses the basket initially.

Place a treat in the basket so that he begins to understand that good things happen when he sticks his head inside.

give your dog a treat inside of the basket

Step Four: Add Some Distance

Once your dog has become a pro at step three, you should practice tossing the toy a few feet away and have him bring it back to the toy box. This step is important because your dog will learn that the toy won't always be in the same place.

If, at any point, your dog begins struggling, bring them back to step three.

Step Five: Tying It All Together

After your dog can grab the toy and bring it back to the basket, you should add a command like "clean up" each time they go to retrieve the toy. Soon, your dog will relate the word to the act of putting his toys away.

Remember, Practice Makes Perfect!

dog winking

Again, with practice and patience, your dog will soon be putting away his toys with ease. 

Who knows, maybe your dog will be one of the cleanest members of your household!

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