50 Hilarious Dog Names

50 Hilarious Dog Names

Jul 29, '20

50 Hilarious Dog Names For Those Who Need Help Choosing One

The hardest part about getting a new puppy, aside from the accidents and chewing, is giving it a name!

So we have found 50 of our favorite hilarious dog names!

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1. Kitty

This one just seems wrong. You are going to confuse everyone who meets your dog. Heck, you might even confuse your dog.

2. Cookie Jar

3. Cupcake

4. Crunchie Bones

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5. 50 Scent

In case your not familiar with the human 50 Cent, he is a rapper who is known for his love starting wars on the internet. In da Club? Try On da Couch. 

6. Alfred von Wigglebottom

7. Train

8. Thor

9. Baby

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10. Tiny

We think you should only use this nickname if your dog is abnormally large. If the dog is already small, then it just makes too much sense.

11. Peanut

12. Snowball

13. T-Bone

14. Dickens

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15. Bark Twain

A play on Mark Twain? We can get on board with that.

16. Frodo

17. Mittens

18. Elmo

19. McGruff

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20. Mary Puppins

A name for all of the Mary Poppins fans. But what do you shorten the name to Mary or Puppins?

21. Acorn

22. Archie

23. Bob Scratch-It

24. Bo Peep

25. Sherlock Bones

Ha. It's elementary by dear Dogson.

26. Snowball

27. Moose

28. Jinx

29. Cheeseburger

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30. Harry Paw-ter

Not I'm a... wizard? But, I'm a... dog? That's the look we always get when we catch our dogs on the couch.

31. Whiskey Before Breakfast

32. Spark Plug

33. Hairball

34. Twinkie

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35. Winnie the Poddle

I mean, you can only really use it if you have a poodle... But A+ for creativity. 

36. Yoda

37. UPS

38. Squirt

39. Meatloaf

40. The Notorious D.O.G.

Mo Hair Mo Problems.

41. Blueberry

42. Waffles

43. Bernadette

44. Sparky

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45. Barkman

It's not the name we deserved; it's the one we needed.

46. Toast Chomper

47. S'mores

48. Stinky 

49. Squirrelicious

50. President Dwight D. Eisen-howler

The perfect name if you happen to be a fan of the 34th president of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower.



We hope that you were able to find at least one name that made you laugh during this time.

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