Christmas Gifts For Your Dog

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Dog: 2020 Edition

Nov 4, '20

The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Dog

Christmas is almost here! Now that Halloween is done, check out these awesome gifts for your dogs. 

From toys to treats, there is sure to be something that your pooch will love!

Please note: If you choose to click on one of these items and purchase it, we may receive compensation at no cost to you. These are not paid endorsements, but well-researched products that we would give to our pets.

christmas gifts for your dog

1. Christmas Stocking Surprise - $10.99 (Amazon Prime)

This stocking stuffer comes with four super cute Christmas themed toys. Each toy is made using tightly woven cotton (the tennis ball is high elastic TPR). They can be used both outdoor in the snow or indoor when it's too cold outside.

Christmas Toys for Dogs


2. Dog Reindeer Antlers - $8.99 (Amazon Prime)

Is there anything that could be more cute than your dog dressed up as a Reindeer? No? We didn't think so. 

These antlers are made out of soft fabric, so your dog won't feel burden. It has a bell attached to the side that is nothing short of hilarious.

dog gift ideas


3. A Cute Pair of Bow Ties - $10.99 (Amazon Prime)

If you have two dogs that need to match, this gift is perfect for you. It comes in three sizes and is made using high density polyester. 

You can rest easy knowing your dog is safe as it has a breakaway buckle that releases when pressure is applied. 


bow tie collar set


4. The Most Adorable Christmas Costume - $22.99

Yeah, Halloween 2020 is over... But that doesn't mean we can't dress our dogs up in cute costumes during other holidays.

This is made from a high quality and breathable material that will keep your dog comfortable all day long.


christmas themed dog costume


5. A Festive & Tough Tug Of War Set - $15.99

It seems like dog toys never last very long or are made from unsafe materials. These toys are made non-toxic and tightly woven cotton that promotes good oral hygiene.

Although these toys are great for small and medium dogs, they aren't recommend for tough chewers. 


Christmas tug of war rope


6. Yummy Treats For Christmas Day - $17.99

This delicious and healthy treat is made in the United States with human grade ingredients. They are guaranteed to make your pet keep coming back for more!

Each package comes with 50 treats!


Christmas day treats


7. This Must Have Flannel Coat - $17.99 (Amazon Prime)

Nothing beats a flannel in winter. Why can't your dog have the same experience? This adorable flannel style sweater comes with a hoodie and hole for a leash.

There are five sizes to choose from to insure it fits perfectly!



8. Three Cartoon Chew Toys - $9.80 (Amazon Prime)

Get your pooch three stuffing-free toys to enjoy this holiday season. Each one has a loud squeaking center that is guaranteed to keep your dog entertained for hours. 

cute set of dog toys


9. Two Candy Canes - $9.99 (Amazon Prime)

These candy canes are made from cotton fibers that help fight plaque build up which keeps your dog's teeth healthier. 

You know, there is nothing worse than a gross dog toy that your pet just can't seem to give up. Another positive is that these toys can be sent through the washing machine when they get dirty.  

candy cane toy gift for dog


10. A Custom Paw Print Set - $16.95 (Amazon Prime)

One of the best parts about Christmas is decorating the tree. These custom paw prints are the perfect keepsake. It includes everything you need to make two paw print ornaments. 

It is a super easy and fun project to do with your family!

custom dog print gift for dog


We hope that you find the perfect gift for your dog! Have an amazing and safe holiday season!


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