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Pet Urns: How to Find the Right Size

Mar 2, '20

How to Find the Right Size Urn for Your Beloved Pet.

When the time comes to find the perfect urn for your pet, there are many things to consider.

One area of confusion among those searching for an urn is how to find the right size for their pet.

It is a good question! The last thing you want is to get an urn that is too small.

So in this article, we will dive into how to make sure that you are getting the right size urn for your pet.

The Industry Standard

In the cremation industry, there is an industry-standard that the majority of crematories use. The rule is that for every pound (weight), there will be one cubic inch of cremation ashes.

It is important to remember, however, that this standard needs to be applied correctly.

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How To Apply The Standard

It is important to remember that some pets may gain weight at different points throughout their adult lives. Although they can still be 100% healthy during these times, the industry-standard may be less accurate.

To find the correct size urn, simply use your pet's weight from a period in time when they were at their healthiest (and an adult).

A Word Of Warning

When we talk about the industry-standard among crematories, please remember that there are exceptions to the rule.

If your pet comes within 5 pounds of an urn size, and larger sizes are available, we recommend going with the next size up.


Going with the next largest size ensures that you will have plenty of room to store your pet's ashes.

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What if the urn is too large?

Again, the biggest concern is getting an urn that is too small. Depending on which crematory you work with, there is a chance that they might not allow you to exchange it.

However, if your urn is too large, you may choose to store a keepsake inside. Some examples of typical keepsakes include collars, ID tags, and/or favorite toys.

When my pet is cremated, will they come back in an urn?

The vast majority of crematories will return your pet's ashes in some sort of urn. Usually, these urns are basic in design. Many pet owners will choose to purchase an urn from an online store or the crematory itself. 

Where can I find the perfect urn for my pet?

If you want to create a personalized urn for your pet that honors their incredible life, we would love to help you.

Click here to view our incredible selection of beautiful pet urns.

We want you to help in any way we can during this difficult time. 

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