Top Ten Perfect Dog Products For Spring 2020

Spring is almost here! Be prepared with the greatest & most useful dog products of 2020. Our list includes everything from ingenious toys to a dog water fountain. Keep reading below! 

1. A Toy To Keep Them Busy

Keep your dogs entertained while you're doing yard work! This spring pole from DIBBATU comes at an affordable cost without sacrificing quality. It's perfect for muscle building and comes with a no risk return policy!

5 Star Customer Review:

We took a chance on buying this for our pit. It was a horrid idea, for the sheer fact that it is impossible to get her to come in amd cuddle now! She always wants to be playing with it, it is her favorite toy ever. Too bad it can't clean up her poo, then it would be absolutely perfect.

One big thing is to make sure that you have an eye on that big metal bit while you are playing. It hurts like hell to get smacked in the head with it! - Brooke

$39.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

2. This Stylish Outdoor Dog House

This weather proof construction is perfect for keeping your fur baby out of the elements. Help your dog to stay cool & dry during the unpredictable spring season. Assembling is easy and only takes 3 steps!   

5 Star Customer Review:

We have a 85 lb shepherd and he fits with room to spare. Easy assembly. Smells great and looks like a quality product. Power drill helps a lot with the installing the feet. My fur baby likes it. - C

$129.36 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

3. The Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro

This wand makes it easier than ever to clean your dog after a muddy spring day. Ditch the awkward garden hose that requires two hands and swap it with this! Not only does it require just one hand, but it can be attached to the shower inside and the hose outside for multi-season usage.

5 Star Customer Review:

Best thing ever!! It so much easier to get all of the soap off of my dog. Even using a normal shower head that detaches this one is so much easier. All of the shampoo and water just slides right off and it's so simple to get under her neck, around her face, and underneath her body! She is so much cleaner... - April S.

$33.28 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

4. A Dog... Water Fountain?

Depending on where you live, spring can still bring hot temperatures. This is the perfect way to keep both you and your dog entertained while keeping them hydrated. As a bonus, you'll never need to clean their outside water dish again!

5 Star Customer Review:

My German Shepherd Kane loves this. With me training him on how to do it l just kept telling him to hit it and it didn't even take a day. - crazy

Small $36.98 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

5. Dog Shammy Towel

There is nothing worse than having to use one of your good towels to dry off your dog after an outdoor bath. The towel gets full of hair, dirt, and sand. Meanwhile, you probably have to use more than one to dry them off fully. Skip the hassle and buy yourself a dog shammy towel.   

5 Star Customer Review:

Pretty great shammy. Got it just in time for the NW "hurricane". Soft, sturdy, and most importantly did a great job mopping up muddy paws. Bye bye basket of towels... - AConsumed 

$16.96 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

6. lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

Walking your dog in hot weather can be dangerous, especially if they don't have a way to hydrate. This water bottle is the perfect solution. Built in leakage prevention and is small enough that it can be taken on the go. Perfect for walking as the weather gets warmer and as well as during summer!

5 Star Customer Review:

This product is great. Tried it out to see how it would work when we got it. Our golden loves it! We purchased it knowing that hurricane season is upon us soon and this makes hurricane evacuation with a dog just a little bit easier.
- Amber 

$14.97 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

7. This Handy Pet Waste Container

Taking your pooch for a walk? There is nothing like a beautiful spring day after a long winter. Don't let 'the bathroom' stop you from enjoying your walk. This makes it easier than ever to store your pet's waste, especially if there is nowhere else to throw it!

5 Star Customer Review:

This is a great idea, however I wish there was a way to more easily add waste into the container. Something about having to push down and put my hand part way into the container (where other waste is sitting) is a bit disgusting. A function to open by stepping on a lever would be preferred. Should have just gotten the diaper genie, as it seems to serve the same purpose without having to touch anything nor bend over to do so, and is nearly the same price.
- Katrina

$14.70 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

8. On-The-Go Food/Water Container from COMSUN

Skip the plastic water bottle and bring this reusable water container instead. It is portable, made with safe materials, and durable. (Check out the handy hook for attaching it to your backpack!) It is perfect for smaller breeds or when packing a small amount of food/water.

5 Star Customer Review:

Arrived promptly. Colors great as pictured! Nice, no strong plastic odors. Very small, see photo. So, if your dog is an extremely small breed, this will be great for you! - AMO

$5.89 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

9. The Large Foldable Metal Exercise Pin from Midwest

Although we love being with our pups, we can't always watch them. If you have a younger dog or live in a place with lots of traffic, this metal fence is perfect for getting your pooch out during spring time!

5 Star Customer Review:

Our intentions for this was to use this for our Giant Flemish Rabbits who are just babies right now, but have grown real fast and big. I was looking for something that we could put them for them to run and jump outside on the grass. This MidWest pen with gate was PERFECT, until I realized that "Wow, these rabbits are loving this and we need it bigger"... - H. Martin 

$35.36 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

10. Make Walking Easier With This Vest From Cymiler

Walking your dog isn't always easy, especially when they aren't trained yet. This nylon dog harness is breathable and choke-free. It has adjustable straps, is easy to use, and very durable. Comes in six sizes for ideal fit!

5 Star Customer Review:

This is a service dog vest. It is well made and the straps are placed well. The part where it says service dog is velcro and can be removed for when dog is off duty or switched out with another label. - Tracy

$14.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

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