Ten Brilliant Dog Products Under $30 to Make Your Life Easier

From couch covers to indestructible toys, we have ten of the most intuitive dog products to make your life easier for you and your pooch all $30 or less.

1. UV Black Light For Spotting Stains

When you own a dog, chances are they've had an accident at some point. Unfortunately, it's really hard to detect every stain. This black light makes it super easy to spot stains anywhere in your home. You can even authenticate currency, too!

5 Star Customer Review:

Worst thing I've ever bought. My house is a pig sty. This light is fantastic but it shows EVERYTHING. I thought my house was clean. Turn off the lights at night, shine thus light and be prepared to be shocked. Tomorrow, I have a date with a bucket of ammonia and water. - Jean

$12.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

2. 11 Dog Toys That Support a Great Cause

You know what's the worst? Buying toys for your dog just to have them break a few days later. These toys are nearly indestructible and support the Pacific Pups, a group that is dedicated to saving dogs from kill shelters.   

5 Star Customer Review:

Everything in this set, with the exception of the frisby thing, is great. Our German Shepherd puppy loves them all and they have proven to be a diversionary tactic against things like cabinet knob chewing and ankle/toe nipping. She loves to play tug and the ball has probably become one of her favs. The only recommendation is to not include the frisby as it lasted less than 10 minutes before was completely destroyed. Would suggest adding a 2nd ball in its place. Otherwise, will definitely buy again once need to replace.
- M.

$21.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

3. Reversible Sofa Cover

We all know that keeping our couches clean with dogs is nearly impossible. Just because they are family doesn't mean they smell like family (hopefully). This couch cover is the perfect solution to allowing your pets on the furniture without ruining it. There are multiple colors available and it comes in two sizes.

5 Star Customer Review:

I like this sofa slip cover. I haven't had it that long but I like how it's double sided and has an elastic strap to keep it in place. I got it because my Kitty was scratching at my sofa, causing a little damage. Now, the damage is covered and so far, the slip cover seems to be resistant to Kitty's little claws. All in all, I'm quite pleased with it. - Marla

68" Cover $21.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

4. Outward Hound Fun Feeder

We use to have two dogs and meal time was always a competition to see who could eat fastest. This dog dish helps promote healthy eating by making your dog eat slower which helps aid digestion. Comes in X-small, small, and large so you can find the best size for your dog! 

5 Star Customer Review:

Fantastic! Does exactly what I needed it to do.

In case you are wondering - this size (large) will hold 4 cups of dry dog food. I couldn't find that answer anywhere so I bought the big one. I would have bough the smaller one if I knew that. - dantheman

Small $8.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

5. Dog Shammy Towel

As if bathing your dog wasn't hard enough, trying to dry them off can be the next hardest thing. Not only do they squirm, but you might use multiple towels to get them clean. The Dog Shammy Towel dries dogs up to 8x faster than traditional cotton towels and you never have to worry about it getting ruined.  

5 Star Customer Review:

Pretty great shammy. Got it just in time for the NW "hurricane". Soft, sturdy, and most importantly did a great job mopping up muddy paws. Bye bye basket of towels... - AConsumed 

$16.96 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

6. lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

Walking your dog in hot weather can be dangerous, especially if they don't have a way to hydrate. This water bottle is the perfect solution. Built in leakage prevention and is small enough that it can be taken on the go. Convenient and it protects your dog!

5 Star Customer Review:

This product is great. Tried it out to see how it would work when we got it. Our golden loves it! We purchased it knowing that hurricane season is upon us soon and this makes hurricane evacuation with a dog just a little bit easier.
- Amber 

$14.97 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

7. Vehicle Dog Seat Cover (Waterproof/Nonslip)

This is no ordinary car/truck seat cover. It is a hammock style device that protects your pooch while on the go. It has side flaps that prevent your dog from jumping out of the car before you are ready to let them out, allowing you to make sure their leash is connected.

5 Star Customer Review:

The quality was a lot better than expected and fit in my car perfectly! I like the seat belt leashes due to my pups being super hyper and keeps them somewhat in check. The sides and middle kept unzipping cause my dogs don’t really sit still but over all it worked great. I am more concerned with protecting my seats and this does just that! - PupperMom

$29.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

8. True Pet Touch Deshedding Glove

My dog has never been a fan of getting brushed. Being a long haired rough collie, he also sheds daily! If you know anything about collies, they love human interaction, so this glove works perfectly. It helps minimize shedding and is great for long/short haired breeds.

5 Star Customer Review:

how great is this bloody thing!!! the first time i used it on my dog, the hair literally came off in a hand shape like it does in the ads :P it's so great, the house (hopefully) will get much less fur around it from now on, plus my dog loves it! - Sarah

$10.68 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

9. The Original Pet Cot From K&H

This cot is excellent for keeping your dog cool in the summer. It's durable and comes with a one year warranty so you can buy with confidence. Choose between four sizes so you can find the one that fits your pet best!

5 Star Customer Review:

My dog and I absolutely love this product. Purchased the canapé too. My dog has used it for over a year and it still looks brand new. - GEN1

$24.99 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

10. LickMat

It's hard leaving your dog at home when you go to work or trips. This mat helps promote healthy stress activities. Just place healthy treats in the mat and watch the anxiety melt away. It is perfect for any stressful event.

5 Star Customer Review:

These lickimats are worth every penny. Even though they're not big, and you would think that they wouldn't last long for a larger dog, they actually do. I put some peanut butter that I had had without a lid to dehydrate and make it thicker on these, and it took both our tiny and our two large pups 20+ minutes to finish them. And the portion size was small as compared to stuffing a kong. Really awesome enrichment tool. - Sanny

$13.95 & Free Shipping with Prime | Shop Now

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