Pet Urn Wood Types

Wooden Pet Urns for Dog & Cat Ashes

- Information About Our Four Wood Types -

These wooden pet urns are handmade by a small business located in Northern Wisconsin who are expert woodworkers. This page is dedicated to helping you find your favorite wood type.

North American Walnut

North American walnut (also known as black walnut) is one of the most sought after hardwoods in the United States. When crafting these urns, the manufactures throw out any imperfections, opting for only the best quality. 

Walnut has a dark chocolate brown color with a straight grain.that looks beautiful in any home. When engraved on, the result is stunning to say the least.

North American Cherry

North American cherry a warm wood that is also very popular in the United States for a variety of woodworking projects. Similarly to walnut, the manufactures that produce these urns throw out all imperfections so that only premium hardwoods remain.

Cherry comes in a variety of tones ranging from golden light to caramel. As it is exposed to sunlight, it develops a beautiful reddish tone. When engraved on, the black etching pops with the beautiful cherry wood. (Please note: the photo below this is an example of cherry wood that has darkened as it has been exposed to sunlight.)

North American Oak

North American oak is commonly found in many households in the form of cabinets or tables. It is well known among woodworkers for being easy to work with.

Oak comes in tones ranging from light gold to reddish gold. The grain is very apparent, especially when compared with the three other woods we offer. Although engraving still looks good, it may be uneven due to the wood grain.

North American Maple

North American maple is well known for its grain and finishing quality. Maple can look somewhat similar to cherry in appearance, though the two look very different as they are exposed to sunlight.

Maple tones can range from creamy white to yellow/tan all the way to a light caramel color. Just like cherry, the engraving stands out beautifully in contrast to the wood. (Please note: This photo is an example of maple wood that has a caramel tone.)

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