Odyssey Metal Pet Urn | Crimson

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Metal Pet Urn for Dogs & Cats

When our pets are no longer with us, they leave behind the most beautiful memories that will last forever. This memorial serves as a wonderful tribute to that life.

Item Specifics:

  • Wide variety of beautiful engraving options
  • Color: Crimson
  • Orders above $100 ship free (all orders under that have $7.95 flat-rate)
  • Ready in two business days (on average)
  • Comes in three sizes (holds pet remains up to 70 pounds)
  • Crafted using premium brass
  • Includes paw prints engraved around the body of the urn

This pet urn features a deep and rich crimson red that is perfect for light and dark households alike. When engraved on, the gold etching contrasts wonderfully and can be seen from across the room.